From India… to Belgium

I hadn’t been to the airport in what feels like a century! I was super excited, as was the rest of my family, except for my dad, which is understandable because he travels roughly between 20- 100 times a year. Of course it took about 2 hours in the luxurious economy on the plane to make me wish that we could have gotten there sooner. The selection of movies on the flight was admirable though. Problems began to arise however, when our little airplane packages turned out to be non-vegetarian. Instead, I was forced to eat undercooked rice and daal had frozen into a block. The airhostesses were extremely gracious about the whole affair, so there’s that. Our stop- over happened in two places, Abu Dhabi and Belgium. It’s safe to say that Belgium was easily the one that I was excited about because

1) I speak French, or at least I learned it while I was in school so that ought to count for something.

2) It’s Europe! That would be the first time I ever set foot on European soil. I have a great fascination, or should I say OBSESSION with European culture.

3) Cute people with even cuter accents. Enough said.

When we landed in Belgium there was nothing I could do to contain my excitement. Everywhere was French! The announcements were in French, the people spoke French, and it was amazing. Really. We stopped at this little café for a late breakfast (I think it was breakfast. I had no idea of time once I zonked out on the plane). Waffles with extra whipped cream and coffee…I even tried a hand at French, and it turned out to be successful! As in, the pleasant waiter gave me extra whipped cream. .. and these little ginger biscuits that were full of spice… divine! The Indian in me was especially thrilled to see that they were free!

While we did stay in Belgium a night, there was hardly time for sightseeing, and while that pinched me a little, it somehow didn’t seem so bad, considering the most famous thing about Belgium (non-food related of course) was a statue of a little boy peeing. Apart from that though, I was able to get in waffles, and of course the all time famous Belgian chocolates. A word about the chocolates: they are more expensive that most other chocolates but worth every penny! People recommended buying it outside the airport, but we didn’t have the time.

Traditional Belgian Chocolate Source:

Another thing Belgium is famous for is a beer called kwak. It’s said that when you enter a pub and order a quack you have to leave your shoe behind, because the glasses are unique and people tend to steal them and/or break them. Once you return the glass you get your shoe back. Best part is, Belgium’s legal drinking age is 16 🙂

Kwak Beer. Source:

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