My Central Perk (Hole Lotta Love, Koramangala)

I have watched, and fell in love with the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S over and over again, alongside most of the world. Being the person I am, my favorite parts of the show have always been the scenes where all of them are sitting in Central Perk, on that same old couch… same coffee… same company… but new memories each time (and of course food food food, because for some reason, whenever I read a book or watch a show, I’m always curious to see what people have eaten) I never thought I’d find myself one of those, until I did.

Hole Lotta Love, Koramangala, is a small cafe, on the road right past the JNC College. It’s quaint, homely, and rustic. My theory is that it used to be a house, and was recently remodeled into a restaurant. As soon as we walked in, we saw it. Our place. In the corner, away from the rest of the restaurant, a huge comfy sofa, next to a bookshelf and some games.


The best part about this place is that they have no Wifi. In today’s day and age we can’t go a couple of hours without looking at our phone, it was like an escape from the world. And the food. Amazing.

Most of their menu consists of breakfast items: varieties of pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs, etc. They also have all kinds of burgers and sandwiches.

Bean Burger
Funky Monkey Waffles- Waffles with banana and chocolate chips
Funky Monkey Waffles- Waffles with banana and chocolate chips

The first thing I ever ordered here was waffles with peanut butter and chocolate cream. I’m the kind of person who gets really really really excited about food, and the anticipation practically kills me. So, as the waiter approached with my meal, I’ll be honest, I was disappointed. But the first bite… It was an intense creaminess, with an undertone of the nutty flavour and a good balance between the sweetness of the chocolate, and the saltiness of the peanut butter and the hot chocolate, while simple, was delicious, warm, and comforting. I fell in love again. That day was especially memorable for so many reasons. Good food, good company, and not just that, but I felt like a kid again, and I think that everyone should have that. Everyone should have a place where they can really feel happy. Their Central Perk. And I think I may have finally found mine.

Waffles with peanut butter and chocolate cream
Waffles with peanut butter and chocolate cream
French toast stuffed with peaches and cream

Things tried and tasty:

Tomato Basil and Cheese Sandwich

Chocolate Smoothie

Bleu cheese and mushroom sub

Chocolate Peanut butter waffles

Lime and Ginger juice

Hot Chocolate

Banana and chocolate chip waffles

Bean Burger

Things to avoid:

French toast stuffed with peanut butter and banana

Prices range between 60- 350 rupees per item


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