Memoirs From Malaga (Part 1)…

Day 1 in Malaga

Ah! Costa del Sol finally! Got picked up at the airport by a lovely taxi driver named Santiago (very Spanish!) and managed to get a bit of information out of him. Santiago’s family has been living in Malaga for as long as they can remember. According to Santiago, the tourist season starts in April and goes on until October. Costa del Sol is frequented in the earlier months as it is usually warmer than other areas in Spain. Summer starts around May- June, with temperatures up to 35 degrees.

Source: I do not own this picture.

And I had a chance to use my Spanish consisting of:

  • Hola!
  • Como estas?
  • Muy bien!
  • Como te llamas?
  • Gracias
  • De Nada
  • Adios!
  • And food (nachos, burritos, tacos)

I know. How eloquent. But the point is I was willing to learn some Spanish on this trip.

We were staying in a place called Calahonda, which was smack in the middle of two central places, Fuengirola and Marbella. We were able to get accomodation at the Crown Resorts in an apartment with a kitchen, a view of the beach and two bedrooms. After a quick walk to the local grocery store for essentials we spent the rest of the day relaxing, we had no other choice because the lovely weather had turned into a rainy day pretty quickly. Calahonda is populated with a British crowd and is a tourist hotel spot primarily rather than an authentic Spanish area where locals live. There are quite a few pubs and sports bars, which telecast British soccer and cater to English cuisines. If you want to get to the predominantly Spanish areas however, they are just a bus ride away.

View from the apartment on the first day
View from the apartment on the first day

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