Waves and the Wind

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day. We were sitting at a restaurant, and all of a sudden we got talking about seafood. I realized that being from the city, it’s something I miss seeing in Bangalore. If there’s one place where the calmness of the world comes to center, it’s the ocean. It’s rhythmic waves pulling you in, caressing your feet, sand grains holding onto you for dear life…

Drowning out all the chaos, and yet somehow, chaotic in its own way… something in the way it moves, though, like a dance, or like snowflakes, unique.

I feel like it grows and ages with me. I want to keep every part embedded in my memory and yet each time there’s something else. Something new. Changing… never still… and each mood different from the rest. It can be angry, happy, sad, and even jealous, snatching away precious treasures, time, people.

Sometimes, I feel like the connection we have with our parents, or with our children stems from these memories, and that it lives in where we are. Just like the waves, these memories are embedded in our minds, forever cherished, and eternal.


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